Location: SCS Main Campus

Stage Options

Stage 5 at Santa Clarita Studios is a clear span, audience-rated soundstage with a minimum of 3600 amps of power and 60 tons of air conditioning. The stage measures 11,520 square feet and has dimensions of 90 feet by 128 feet, with a height of 30 feet. The floor type is wood, and the stage has a door measuring 88.8 feet by 87.11′ feet with a height of 30 feet.

The stage is equipped with house power, including 20-amp (120V single-phase) and 50-amp receptacles. Shoot power is also available, and additional power can be arranged if needed.

The stage features a red light and bell system. The ventilation system includes exhaust fans. Additionally, there is an on-stage pit/pool with dimensions of 27′ 1/8″ x 14′ 9 5/8″ x 5′ deep.

The air conditioning system is capable of providing 60 tons of cooling. Wireless internet is available on the stage and in the offices, and the bandwidth is customizable to suit production needs. Portable dressing rooms are available upon request, and a dimmer room is available outside of the stage.

Stage 5 is a spacious and well-equipped soundstage that can accommodate a wide range of production needs. Its size, power capacity, and amenities make it an attractive option for film and television productions in the Los Angeles area. The addition of an on-stage pit/pool adds versatility to the stage and allows for unique filming opportunities.

Stage Specifications

Sq. Ft. Dimensions Height Floor Type Door Power HVAC
11,520 88′ x 89′ 30′ Wood 14′ x 14.6′ 3600 Amps 60 Tons
  • House Power – 20A (120V Single Phase) and 50A Receptacles
  • Shoot Power –3600 Amps (Additional Power Available)
  • Redlight & Bell System
  • Ventilation – Exhaust Fans
  • On-Stage Pit/Pool – 27’ 1/8 “ x 14’ 9 5/8 “ x 5’ Deep
  • Air Conditioning – 60 Tons
  • Wireless Internet with Customizable Bandwidth Available on Stage and in Offices
  • Portable Dressing Rooms – Available Upon Request
  • Dimmer Room – Available Outside of Stage
  • Bathrooms – Stage and Office Adjacent

Available Extras

The first floor includes 1800 sq. ft. of fully-furnished office space:

  • Offices
  • Bullpen
  • Kitchen
  • Conference Rooms

The second floor offers fully-furnished office space that includes:

  • Two Executive Offices
  • Two Private Executive Bathrooms with Showers
  • Five additional offices, all with spectacular window views