LA’s Newest Downtown Street is in Santa Clarita!

With the cost of shooting downtown in Los Angeles becoming beyond prohibitive for production, Santa Clarita Studios now offers an alternative to the headaches, high costs, and safety issues associated with filming downtown.

Santa Clarita Studios’ new $5 million redesign and expansion of our backlot streets includes over 600 feet of facades, multiple streets and angles, several buildings with interiors, and an alley. It’s all the magic of downtown at a fraction of the cost, in a controlled environment.

The majority of the street measures at 40 feet in height with catwalks, skybridges and fire escapes, all designed and engineered in an effort to streamline production and save you time and money.

The versatility of this street allows for your shows to shoot it as contemporary Downtown LA one day and 1853 Paris the next — whatever you can dream up! So skip the traffic downtown and come shoot our backlot instead. The street is a perfect alternative for various municipal, commercial and residential apartment locations.