Stage 27 Santa Clarita Studios

Location: Ave Scott Campus

Stage Options

Stage 27 is a state-of-the-art production stage with 22,300 square feet of production space. It provides ample power and electrical outlets to accommodate high-capacity lighting and equipment needs.

The stage is designed to accommodate a variety of production needs, including film, television, commercial, and music video shoots. It is equipped with a grid system for lighting and a soundproofing system to ensure that external noise does not interfere with production. Other production services such as offices, makeup and wardrobe rooms, green rooms, and other support spaces are located in close proximity.

Santa Clarita Studios is known for its commitment to sustainability. The complex has implemented a number of eco-friendly initiatives, including the installation of solar panels and LED lighting, as well as the use of electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Stage 27 is part of the larger Santa Clarita Studios complex, which includes several other sound stages, production offices, and support facilities. This studio’s wide range of sound stages of varying sizes makes it a versatile and flexible facility for productions of all scales and types. 

Stage Specifications

Sq. Ft. Dimensions Height Floor Type Door Power HVAC
22,300 119’ x 188’ - Wood Elephant Doors & Roll-up Doors 3600 Amps -
  • House Power – 20A (120V Single Phase) and 50A Receptacles Available
  • Shoot Power – 3600 Amps Available
  • Over 6,000 sq ft of Support and Office Space
  • Rehearsal and Commissary Space Available
  • Redlight & Bell System
  • Wireless Internet – Customizable Bandwidth Available on Stage and Offices
  • Portable Dressing Rooms – Available Upon Request
  • Dimmer Room – Available
  • Bathrooms – Stage and Office adjacent
  • Attached Flex/Mill Space Available
  • Dedicated parking & VIP lot